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What is your fav cookies? ps: these are the GOAT hood cookies. Do not debate me about this if you aren’t willing to fist fight over it

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Syu vs Shun Li. #toysldrs #stickers #stickerart #streetfighter

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SYU. You must defeat his dragon punch to stand a chance. #toysldrs #stickers #stickerart #streetfighter

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Gordon Liu and Lo Lieh in the Shaw Brothers classic, “Clan of the White Lotus.”

Fun fact: Despite being a loose remake of “Executioners from Shaolin,” which featured Pai Mei as the lead villain, Lo Lieh actually doesn’t play Pai Mei in this film.
Pai Mei is actually killed in the first five minutes and Lo Lieh plays his identical twin classmate known only as Priest White Lotus.

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